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What’s new – Event Monitoring v0.7

Event Monitoring

I've further optimized code and added some more health checks so that the process is a bit smoother. You can go straight to Get-EventsLibrary.ps1 if you don't fancy reading up.

PSWinReporting Information
Please notice this article contains parts of information (still useful) and may not reflect all functionalities of this module. For download, source code and so on you should refer to the dedicated PSWinReporting module page. After reading this one… of course! It contains useful informationexamples and know-how.
What's new

There were several features added and changes to configuration file. Among others:
Fixed display issues with Write-Color inconsistency
Fixed small code optimizations
Added error handling for event listing (would error out on Windows 2003 controllers) – only Windows 2008/R2 and up are supported
Added Supported column
Moved Test-Prerequisite from config file to Library
Since Test-Prerequisite was moved into library this:

Has to be replaced with this…

Basically just remove If check in your config file. If you won't do it… you will get a duplicate check in the beginning but no harm should be done.

Known issues

At this moment there are several not finished features. The most visible are:

Configuration options – IncludeLogonEvents are not working correctly
Configuration options – IncludeDomainControllersReboots contains more information then needed
Configuration options – AsCSV switch is not working
Configuration options – KeepReports swich is not working yet (keeps reports saved by default)

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