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Mac OS X Yosemite – How to disable autoresizing tabs in Safari 8

SIMBL-CosyTabs Bundle-SafariFix-FinalLook-Full

With new Apple system OS X Yosemite new redesigned Safari came in. You might remember our fix for Safari FavIcons. Now it's time to fix auto resizing tabs that resize to full screen, rather then keep to defined short size (like in Google Chrome). And again EasySIMBL comes to the rescue with CosyTabs add-on.

So how to get short, and nice tabs, instead of long, non-managable ones? Sure, there was Glimps but it's not supported on newest Safari 8 browser breaking lots of other functionalities.


This article has also been prepared for new version of Safari on Mac OS X El Capitan. 
If you're interested follow the link for step-by-step instructions Mac OS X El Capitan – How to disable autoresizing tabs in Safari 9.
If you've upgraded from Mac OS X Yosemite where you've been using Easy SIMBL you may want to read  Mac OS X El Capitan – How to get SIMBL working after upgrade.
If you've problems with SIP (System Integrity Protection) you may want to read Mac OS X El Capitan – How to manage SIP (System Integrity Protection) which is necessary to get SIMBL running.


Here's a way how:

  1. Install EasySIMBL, which is an extension manager for Mac OS X apps and move it to an Applications folder.
  2. Open it up, and make sure to check Use SIMBL

SIMBL Application

  1. Download CosyTabs plugin, extract it and finally drag & drop .bundle file into the EasySiMBL application.

SIMBL Application Filled Out


SIMBL-CosyTabs Bundle-SafariFix


  1. Then simply restart Safari, and you're done!

SIMBL-CosyTabs Bundle-SafariFix-FinalLook-Full

Alternative Solution

Please note that if EasySIMBL is not working for you (versions older than 10.10.4 b4 still work) you can download SIMBL which EasySIMBL is based on.  However the changes made to EasySIMBL prevent it from working on newer systems. It's suggested to try EasySIMBL first thou, as it may get fixed by the author by the time you read this. The difference is that SIMBL has no graphical interface so some steps have to be done manually.

Quick SIMBL instruction below:

  1. Download SIMBL
  2. Unpack package
  3. Use SIMBL-0.9.9.pkg to install application (just follow installer with no changes needed)
  4. After it's successfully installed simply copy plugins into /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins for all users, or ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins for just your account.
  5. That's it.
  6. After Safari restart everything should be working again. That is on Mac OSX Yosemite.

For Mac OSX El Capitan things get little complicated with the introduction of Rootless (as Apple calls it) or SIP (System Integrity Protection) mechanism. You can read about it on Total FinderWe've covered How to get SIMBL working in Mac OS X El Capitan after upgrade in one of the newer blog posts. After following this a bit complicated procedure simply follow the steps described above to disable autoresizing tabs in Safari 9.

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